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  1. Hello.

    Guy must be new.......
  2. What is your question?
  3. O wow sry, i though i had given an explanation o well...Yes i'm very new in this forum. i have seen some threads that i find helpful and i just came here if you guys could lend me a hand.

    last 4 days i gladly built my own i7 computer. Spec:

    Evga x58 3x sli
    i7 920 @ 4.13ghz
    BFG gtx 275 896mb
    CNPS9900 Zalman
    BFG PSU Modular 1200w
    6gb Dominator Corsair @ 1600mhz
    1tb Hitachi 32mb cache
    Antec 1200 Case
    HP 22" HD
    Window 7 Pro

    Overclocking Specs:

    turbo; Disabled
    Multipler; 206.32x20(41483mhz)
    DIMM Ram frequency; 1060mhz(2:8)

    vcore: 1.35
    QPI: 1.62
    CPU PLL: 1.65
    (rest are set on Auto)

    Ok before i was messing around with voltages and trying to get it stable, and i notice that my temp went high towards 100s- and like 62s- idle.

    then, by changing volts spec i managed to get it stable at 48s- Idle and 82- Under Full load (Test by Prime95).

    so then i saw these reviews related to "thermal Compound", and i realize that i put too much on the cpu core. so i clean it again without alcohol and put a little dot of thermal compound.(i got the silver) and spread it with my finger covered by a bag. After mounting it again and turning the Computer, i open RealTemp and saw a drastic Increase of temp. Now my temp are idleing @ 61s- and i won't even try under full load. lmao

    so before trying to do the process once again, i want to know; is it alright to clean the thermal with no alcohol? Does my CNPS9900 heatsink truly handles my OC of a temp rage of 30-4c0 idle? How much really thermal compound do i need to put? and thank you. (the temps are based on C, celcius)

    -sitenote: i think i put too little compound on the core. so i want to make sure...
  4. Okay, since noone replied me, i solved my problem by re-applying the thermal paste properly with the right amount of grease.

    now my system is idleing at 47c and on full load at 82c. IMO its pretty good for a overclocked 4.2ghz on air.....thanks guys anyway
  5. a little hotter and you could boil water. i really dont think 82c is healthy for your cpu in any way. =( poor cpu

    i believe the TJmax for the cpu that you are running is 95c...being 12c from TJmax isnt healthy
  6. 85C is a bit too high, 100C is the actual max of the cores, but it's best to keep the core temps of an i7 below 75, 70 if possible.
  7. Too hot. I'd set it back to stock speeds for now, then get some of this:

    Once you get it, tear it down, clean it, and re-apply your thermal grease correctly. Then test the temps at stock settings for comparison before overclocking.
  8. its not 85 its 80c. and i do think i might leave like that considering i (hopefully) will never reach the full load of cpu. every time i use the system it goes 46-64. even when playing a game. So i'll just leave it until i get a better heatsink.

    i also believe that i gotta do some configurations to the voltages, since when i set it the most on auto it probably insignificantly increased my volts which increase my temps.
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