Need Mobo suggestion best under 150-200$

hey guyz
as my previous mobo Bios was accidently removied(DAMN @ BIOS UTILITY) and warranty doesnt cover it
now my exams are finished and i have a budget of around 200-250 for MOBO AND RAM
have chosen the CORSAIR 4 GB KIT DHX one 4-4-4-12 nice timings..
now the price for mobo i am left with is around 150-200
max 200
so which one to go for

previous one was gigabyte p35 ds3r
and have to say it was a real solid mobo
i will be overclocking my q6600 to around 2.8 on stock HSF
so which one to go for
today will be going to the nearest shop and will tell u what are my options..

was thinking of ASUS P5qL PRO is it good?
p45?p35 (again) or G series?
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  1. btw SLI/Xfire support dont need
  2. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R.

    And get this RAM instead, same timings but lower voltage.
  3. GUYZ GUYZZZZZZZ need help here...brotherss....
    ok so here it is
    went to the shops...
    main concern was ASUS vs GIGABYTE
    many shopkeepers told me that GIGABYTE IS BETTER in quality as well in warranty now me getting a gigabyte mobo..
    now my main concers
    P45 DS3l(480sar)
    P43 UD3L (380sar)
    The p43 is around 30-40$ cheaper than the p45

    is p45 worth extra 40$ ?
    MOREOVER look at this
    this thing shows that the p43ud3l has a XiFi sound card?
    or what
    but in the details of the mobo it is mentioned?
    any1 care to explain?

    more ASUS P5Ql PRO(P43) was around 500 sar
    P45 better than P43 for ME?
    My main concerns
    No SLi/Xfire
    will OC my Q6600 to around to 2.8 ghz on stock HSf have been on 2.6 on the p35ds3l with the temp below 60
    4 gigz of ram
    if sound card XiFi is included then BONUS
    Cool mobo and good OC capability.

    so which one?

    oh yeah one more thing
    which RAM to go for??
    OCZ Platinum(i think this is better?)
    OCZ Reaper
    OCZ Vista Upgrade
  4. I would say either P45 board and the Gskills suggested by theAnimal.
  5. So P45 is better then P43 right...
    My main concern is that if i cant get p35 then P45 would be my choice...
    here in KSA Gigabyte has more customer service and good reputatuion than ASUS
    i know that ASUS are better but they are expensive..

    Gskills not available here....Will go for Reapers.or the Silver one.

    But still my question is that i have read that the board cant support more than 400 sumething
    well to go 2,8 i will a lot less than that.. even i go till 3.0 with the p43..
    p43 is cheaper thats why i am opting for it..
    still will see tommorow.
    need some more replies
  6. If you're only OCing to 2.8 or 3GHz any of the mobos mentioned should be fine, as well as any DDR2 800.
  7. I bought the Asus M4N72-E. Excellent quality, features, layout, support.... I'm happy.
  8. Oh yeah... $135
  9. Sorry, just realized you have Intel. :(
  10. theAnimal said:
    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R.

    And get this RAM instead, same timings but lower voltage.

    +1..Awesome board. Unless the OP is planning to use raid though, he might want to consider the UD3P instead, raid controller takes forever and a day to initialize.

    To the OP, it has EVERYTHING on it, and cheap too, got mine under $120.00
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