Actual Temps on a AMD Athlon 64 x2 7750?

I recently finished my first build and can't figure out my actual cpu temps. CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 x2 7750. ASUS PC Probe II says 43 C while typing this, and just over 60 C while playing Crysis or other demanding game. AMD OverDrive says 21.5 C per core (half of the ASUS Probe temp). Which one is correct? Do I have room to OC?

P.S. 1x 90mm fan in front 2x 60mm fans above back pannel connectors near CPU 1x 60mm fan above expansion cards that i added the others came with the case. All 60mm are exaust. 90mm and PSU are intake. Ambient temp is 70.5 F (21.38 C). I don't see how the CPU is same temp as room (According to AMD OverDrive) Also AMD OverDrive can't see CPU fan speed ASUS Probe can (3169 RPM now).

My build
ASUS M3A78-EM 780G (Newest BIOS )
AMD Athlon 64 x2 7750 (stock HSF) no OC
HIS 4870 512MB
8GB Kingston HyperX DDR2 1066Mhz @800 Mother Board can't do 4 DIMMs @ 1066 :-(
OCZ ModStream 700 Watt PSU (sits above the CPU and pulls air in)
Seagate 7200.11 1TB HD
Lite On DVD-Multi
TV tuner
Vista Ultimate 64
All in a Thermaltake LANBOX Lite (PSU is a tight fit)
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  1. you didn't mention bios temps. I would check the bios temps. Also try speedfan and other monitoring software, but realize these could all be off by a few degrees.

    With the stock HS, I would say you could overclock 100 mhz or maybe 200. I understand the HS that comes with the phenom ii is a bit more robust with four heatpipes, but still has a small (60mm I think) fan.
    I got my phenom 2 to 3.4 ghz from 3, but wouldn't go higher.

    My recommendation is of course; if you want to overclock buy a decent heatsink to protect your investment. A good one is the Xigmatek 1283, I got one for my wife's dual core for around 30US and happened to have free shipping at the time.

    PS never had much luck with the asus utilities. And amd overdrive from what I'm currently experiencing is unreliable because it starts high upon entering the program but steadily drops about 5C over a 2min period. Someday they will have a more realiable method of reporting temps. until then...
  2. 1. 43C feels a bout right, 60C on games ok,
    2. You might add 1 12cm to blow out the hot air from the case.
    3. Then you have room to OC.
  3. BIOS temp got up to 57 C.
    I Dont have room for the Xigmatek HSF that buzznut suggested. I only have about 4 inches from board to bottom of PSU(board is on bottom of case HSF extends strait up not to the side), so any HSF would have to be 3 inches tall at most to allow for airflow. I cannot add more fans like JPain recommended. All I could do is replace 2 60mm that came with the case for ones with more airflow. Would Artic Silver 5 help enough to be worth the trouble?
  4. this is a screen shot of all different temp programs. Zone Alarm is doing a virus scan, CPU is at 50% load. SpeedFan seems confusing with a negative 128 C on temp 3.
    The 57 C in SpeedFan is the Graphics card, the 40C is MOBO, the 34C must be Hard Drive, I have no clue what is -128C.

    CoreTemp seems to agree with AMD OD most of the time, of by 0.5C-1C

    Does it matter if the programs are running in 32-bit? The only one running natively in 64-bit is CoreTemp.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. Hi, I have same processor and whit an original cooler, which was at box, I have maximum 55 C when Im playing games. Its overclocked from 2,7 Ghz to 3,3 Ghz.
  6. My Kuma is showing a temp of between 109 and 113 at idol. I have an Arctic 64 cooler on it and this is 9 to 13 degees higher then my old AMD X2. I have many fans in my case, 2 blowing out the rear....haha, funny. My PSU has 2 fans. I have a harddrive cooling fan and 3 HDD total. I have several holes I have drilled in the filler plates to allow are to flow freely throught the case. Let me put it this way, if I put a piece of paper in on the front of my computer it will stick to the front as there is that much suction. It only thing I can think of is that perhaps the CPU cooler is not seated properly but it looks like it's spot on. Any ideas or is this normal. I am not overclocking and I am running cool and quiet in the BIOS.
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