Motherboards for overclocking/unlocking AMD Phenom 2 X2


I was wondering if anyone had any recomendations of motherboards for overclocking AMD Phenom II X2 and unlocking the other two cores. The mother board should have a SB710 or SB750 southbridge and ACC support.


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  1. I would suggest AMD 785G, 790G or 890G motherboards from Gigabyte or ASUS, or even MSI. All have these should be able to unlock the hidden cores and offer some great overclocking tools. Definately download AMD Overdrive as well from AMD website to help also.

    Depending on the motherboard, with 785G or 790G, you can use cheaper DDR2 ram on some of the boards to reduce cost, performance difference is negligible, with 890G, you have to use DDR3.

    Hope this helps...
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