2 GeForce 9800 GT vs 1 GeForce GTX 260

First off i want to link the exact models im looking at, because the 9800 GT i picked is super overclocked. not sure if that will change anything but want to be certain.

GeForce 9800 GT Superclocked Edition
Core clock 650MHz
Stream Processors 112
Memory Clock 1900MHz
Memory Size 512MB
Memory Interface 256-bit

GeForce GTX 260 SSC Edition
Core clock 626MHz
Stream Processors 192 processing cores
Memory Clock 2106MHz
Memory Size 896MB
Memory Interface 448-bit

For now i play mostly older games that dont even take advantage of sli, so im thinking i should get the gtx 260 for now, and upgrade later if needed. However i want to be sure that either way i go, i dont have problems with my fps lagging or being to low. i have two 8600 GTs in sli and they blow so bad, atleast for older games, and World of warcraft i get fps lag. it runs cod4 fine but cod4 takes advantage of sli. just one 9800 GT superclocked SHOULD run wow and my older games without any lag.

one last thing if its not to much. whatever route i chose to go, is my power supply going to support 1 gtx 260 or 2 9800 gts?
im having trouble reading it, does +12V1@18A,+12V2@18A mean my +12 volt rating is only 18 amps? if so i need one that does 36 amps to do 1 gtx 260 or 28 amps to do 2 9800 Gts.

sorry for the long post, i just want to be certain before making another bad choice like my 8600 GTs that now i have no use for, cant return, will probably be hard to sell, even if cheap.
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  1. I would say always go with the single card solution. I have two 8800GTS (G92) in SLI and they work great, but I did that because I bought the second a couple months later when I had some more cash. If you have the money, get the best single card solution you can afford. Then you can always get another of the better card later. If you are going to get a GTX260, get the 216 cores version, or move up to the 280 if you have the cash. For the sake of being non biased, the 4870 1GB is good too. Depends on your mobo/preference.

    Oh yeah and overclock the thing yourself with RivaTuner, instead of blowing more cash on something you can do in two seconds. You can use Riva Tuner to bump the speeds up to the factory oc settings. It actually works a little better that way, since you can toggle between stock and oc settings at will. You use less power and create less heat that way.
  2. Thx for ur reply, im glad you pointed out the 216 core version, i had no idea.

    so im going to get
    System Requirements Minimum of a 500 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 36 Amp Amps.)

    my power supply listed above has two +12 volt rails both with 18A
    i have read u cannot just add them up, ur not getting what they add up to.

    however, according to thermaltake's website : Dual +12V rails provide 38A for PC system

    it has 600watts, minus the 140 for the other rails, u get 460, watts divided by volts = 38 amps
  3. If you really want the performance but are worried about power- maybe the 4870 1gb GDDR5 will suit your powersupply a bit better.
  4. you have to be kidding! two 9800GT's own a GTX **280**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a 260 is completely out of their league! get two 9800GT's no question about it so long as your mobo supports it...
  5. interesting anyone else?
  6. V3NOM said:
    you have to be kidding! two 9800GT's own a GTX **280**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a 260 is completely out of their league! get two 9800GT's no question about it so long as your mobo supports it...

    Just FYI, by the stats, the the GTX 260 is about 2x 9800gt's, almost double the cores, and faster memory clocks. The stock 9800gt runs at 600mhz with 112 core clocks. the GTX 260 has 576mhz with 216 core clocks, also there is a 418 bit interface with the memory, as compared to the 256-bit on the 9800gt. If you want to compare the GTX 280 to the 9800gt, even in SLi, and you think that the 9800gt's are better? You are very, very wrong sir.

    PS: GTX 280 is WAY better than the 9800gt's in SLi. Stats: 602Mhz (Stock) 240 Cores, 2214 Mhz Memory Clock, 512-bit memory interface,
    9800gt stats: 600 Mhz (stock), 112 cores, 1800 Mhz memory clock, 256-bit memory interface.

    PPS: So, by the stats, the GTX 280 is considerably better than 2x 9800gt's

    And, done
  7. lol...just wow, a single gtx 260 outperforms sli 9800gt's by a slight margin and the gt's barely touch the gtx 280. Anyways a good single card is always better than sli'd lesser cards cause u can always get another fast card later on ^^
  8. oh and V3NOM, did you know that toms has these very useful charts comparing video cards? anyways you can find em in the charts tab :D
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