How to overclock a Corei7-975?

How do I overclock my 975 to get the best results? Do I just leave it at 133MHz and only turn the multipier up, or is it better to set the MHz lower/higher and then turn the multiplier up?
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  1. Well the easiest and best way with that CPU is just use the multiplier that is why that chip is so expensive because of the unlocked multiplier. Know you can do it either way some say its better to have a higher base clock and some say its better to just use the multiplier. I my self would just use the multiplier and just bump up the VCORE as needed for stability.
  2. OK thank you, I will just do that then.
  3. I'm still waiting for some parts for my water cooling. :-(
  4. hello bims, what resoults u got with the overcloking? cause my 975 reach rly high temperature with molti 31x and vcore 1.33
  5. ah u use watercooling... i am with a noctua nh-d 14.. so no comparison with watercooling!
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