new $1000 gaming build

So this is my first time building a computer and Newegg has some pretty good deals today. I want it to be cool, quiet and reliable. So here it is -- don't know much about this but I think it's a pretty good system

Intel E8400 -
mushkin 4GB (2x2gb) -
EVGA 896-P3-1267-AR GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked Edition 896MB -
Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB -
Corsair 750W Power Supply -
Zalman 9700 -
Windows Vista 64 Home Premium -
Antec 900 (on sale $60, but sold out) -

$1,023 without the antec 900 (shipping, taxes includes)

The Gigabyte MB doesn't support SLI, but I plan on upgrading the motherboard to the new i7 system once the price on those drops. If anyone is wondering why I got the superclocked gtx 260 it's because it comes with a free copy of Far cry 2 for only $20 more

Any suggestions are welcome

* Replaced OCZ 4GB with Mushkin 4GB (+$18)
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  1. Pretty solid build. I would however suggest going with mushkin ram or something of another brand. I know that these new Giga boards, (I have the UD3P version), don't like that exact OCZ ram. There was another post a bit back where a gentleman had the same ram you are looking to purchase and the board just wouldnt boot with it. He got another brand and all was well. Giga recommends Mushkin for their boards, I myself am using G Skill and I have no issues.

    Just a thought. ;P
  2. Good to know.. this being my first build I don't want to run into any problems..

    Replaced the RAM with mushkin 4GB (2 x 2GB) -

    $1023 before mail-in rebates, and antec 900
  3. That HSF is a junkball for the price.

    Go with one of these:

    or the newer model with 4 contact pipes instead of 3:

    Wait, I have one more the suggest... I personally know that this one does a good job of cooling as well:
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, but I was looking at some of the reviews for those and they look like they're not really "noob" friendly (people were saying it was huge and hard to install).. since this is my first build I just want something that I can install easily and keep the CPU cool... if possible?

    How is the "Arctic Cooler Freezer 7"? - It's about half the price, looks like it isn't as hard to install and I think it has the thermal paste already

    I don't plan on overclocking the CPU until I'm comfortable with it.. but I do plan on getting to it eventually (it would be a crime not to with that CPU.. or so I've heard..). That motherboard comes with "Easy Tune 6" which allows you to change all the settings without going into the BIOS.. I think - so I'll use that to see what type of temperatures I get.

    Also, will I need a floppy drive?

    @bosshoss: What's the difference between the mobo I picked and the UD3P?.
  5. one word: KICKASS!

    no you shouldn't need a floppy, gigabyte boards come with windows and before windows flashing utils so...

    if you're going for looks, 9700LED ftw. If, however, you want the best possible temps (for less $) get a xigmatek HDT-S1283 + crossbow retention bracket/backplate.
  6. The Arctic Cooler Freezer is okay for the price. The others are huge and can be frustrating installing at times, but I think you could handle it fine.
    Its not as bad as some of the people make it out to be.
  7. Comes out to $1019 including taxes and shipping with the arctic cooler 7 (but still without the antec 900). Also not including the -$80 from mail in rebates. Pretty good machine for $1000 -- hopefully it lasts me a few years. Now I just have to bring my cheap ass to dish out the money for it :P

    A few more things though: Will I be needing any extra cables? I noticed, for the hard drive at least, that it's OEM and doesn't come with any of the cables. Will I need to buy SATA cables? If I do, just one, correct? Is the E8500 just an overclocked version of the E8400 - I've seen a lot of people using that one instead of the E8400, should I do the same?

    If anyone has a system similar to this, what type of FPS do you see in-game? I hope it gets at least 25+ fps in Crysis on very high at 1680x1050. (if not, it's not a big problem.. I'll probably only be playing games like COD4 and Left 4 Dead) I'm probably not going to be playing Crysis or anything, but I like using it as a benchmark on future proofness :)
  8. LOL ANTEC 900 SALE ENDS TODAY! so ur real price is over 1000!
  9. No big deal.. the mail in rebates cover the difference from the regular price exactly.. $80. Sure, it'll take a few months for me to get the money back, but money is money. :)

    $1019 (maybe +$5 for SATA cables..).. not bad..ure,
  10. Hey man, consider getting this case since the 900 is going "off sale"...

    Your motherboad will provide you with SATA cables so you'll be fine there.

    The e8500 has a higher multiplier than the E8400, and so it overclocks a little better... But, if I remember right, your only thinking of going 3.6 ghz max OC, so the E8400 would be a fine choice for you.

    And yes, you should be able to get 25+ fames in crysis with this system.
  11. Hmm, that one looks nice (cool & quiet).. might get it instead. Thanks for the heads up :-)
  12. Wow.. was just about to order and the PSU sold out ($75 off.. should have known)

    Anyone know of a good, relaiable alternative for this system & case?
  13. Just bought the 650W version instead. I'll post in a week or two to share my thoughts on this build. Thanks for all the help guys
  14. Great, I always like to hear how folks like their new computer, especially when they are moving up from an old clunker... What's your current comp? :D
  15. 4 year old OEM: AMD 3200+ (2.2ghz), 512MB RAM, ATI 9600, 160GB

    Unfortunately it's time to retire this system. Served me well for four years though.. I only hope this new system is reliable as this one. Just waiting for newegg to ship.. been a day and it's still shows as "Charged" :( - I'm impatient

    And I ordered that case you recommended. Total including taxes and shipping came out to $1,135
  16. Ahhh, you'll defiantly notice a huge speed jump. Which is always fun.

    I order some stuff on BL, and waiting is a huge bummer, but I should get everything by tomorrow. :)

    Hope the building process goes well.
  17. Got about half of all the parts today. But I'm pretty sure I'm towards the end of their route, so I always get stuff in the afternoon from them -- no biggie, as long as they get it to me without damage I'm happy :)

    Hopefully I'll get the RAM, mobo, cooler, and dvd drive tomorrow so I can start working on it :P (it'll probably take me a few hours to build it since it's my first time)
  18. I didnt think you could upgrade the motherboard if you use windows oem?
  19. He's buying a new copy of windows with this machine...
    And that's not entirely true, if you have the windows CD you can normally switch your mobo and if it has issues and doesn't want to boot, you just pop in your windows cd and do a repair.
    And then generally your good to go.
  20. UPS rescheduled my delivery until tomorrow for some reason, still don't have the mobo and CPU cooler.. But I installed the PSU and DVD drive in the case, and I tried to install the hard-drive but the manual for the case is so vague it's pretty much useless. Bobfacebilly, do you know how to install the HDDs in that case?
  21. Yeah, this case is a little different, in that you install the HDD's on their side, instead of putting them in flat as you do with most.

    I believe its a tool-less design so you will have some type of bracket on the top and bottom of the HDD bay that comes out, and then you attach those to the HDD and then slide it back into place.
  22. I just found this as well, shows a guy installing hard drives on the tempest halfway down the page.
  23. My system is:
    HIS 4870 512 MB
    500GB HD

    ....and yes I do get over 25+ frames in Crysis around 25-30fps on Vista with very high 1680x1050 ad 30-50 on xp with high setting!

    a GTX 260 and a 4870 are around the same level for me (based on research, depend on the game) your system is good system I chose ATI because I like how it looks (sharper) and I like to adjust things (more options)
  24. Haven't tried Crysis (going to download the demo in the meantime while I buy it) but I get a steady 60FPS in Left 4 Dead (with vsync turned on) with everything on the highest setting, and it's very smooth in far cry 2 (haven't checked to see how many FPS I get though) with everything on high (dx10)

    Got 13000 in 3dmark06
  25. Nice man.

    Did the build process go okay for you?
  26. Besides the horrible manual yeah.. took me like 2 hours though. I had troubles with the CPU cooler (should have installed it on the mobo before I put the mobo in first) I forgot to plug in the 2x4 12v (i think that's what it was called) so it wouldn't turn on.. I had a feeling I had to plug it in but the manual was sorta vague about it. Had some troubles with the DVD drive, but I guess I didn't have it plugged in right, so I fixed that relatively quickly.
  27. Ahhh, that's not too bad :D

    Have fun with it.
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