HDD not detected! Help me!!!

Built myself a PC some time ago. Ran great for a few months, then it crashed several months back. Seemed clear that the HDD crashed. I replaced it. Windows installation wouldn't detect it. Checked BIOS and it couldn't detect it. Tried different SATA ports and cables. Still no luck. Thought maybe the replacement drive was DOA, so I replaced it again. Same story again. Replaced the motherboard, hoping it was a bad BIOS chip. Refurbished and updated BIOS motherboard came in with yet another drive. Still same story!!! I'm running ASRock A780LM motherboard and 160 Gb Seagate Barracuda.
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  1. So you have a new motherboard, new cables, and a new HD and it's not detecting it at all in BIOS?

    Can you try a different HD on that motherboard, or take that HD to another computer & see if you can isolate that one or the other is bad?
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    oooooo i got an idea. Though I have never heard of this happening, maybe the power supply is not giving power to certain rails. If it has multiple rails i think it would be possible for atleast 1 to fail or to have an isolated failure. Tell us your whole rig.
  3. I tried a different HDD and it works fine with the same cables and SATA port. So Its not the motherboard and not the cables. But three dead HDDs in a row? There's got to be something that I'm missing.
  4. my rig:

    ASRock A780LM motherboard
    AMD X2 6400+ dual core
    Philips 32x CD/DVD optical drive
    2 Gb DDR2 800
    Trendnet PCI wireless adapter
    NVidia 8600GT video card
    PS 480W
  5. Okay, this is a bit weird, but it might help me find some answers. It appears that my hard drives were all working fine when i received them. They all became corrupted when I loaded windows installation. I've now tried 4 drives, 2 different brands, all with the same problem.
  6. There are many reasons when HDD is not detected by your PC.

    Maybe you should change another port to connect the hdd, maybe the hdd is not enitialized - go to "disk management" and you will be able to enitialize it and it will be detected by PC.

    Sometines it can be caused by virus that the master boot record is damaged then your hdd will not be detected.

    Well, in fact you can restore files off the not detected drive by some program like this one

    Most of programs available for free download and free evaluation.
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  8. Is your memory faulty? I went through several clean installs before discovering that the memory was the problem :(
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