How do you know it's a GEN 2 Intel X25-M?

When shopping onlne, how do you know if an Intel X25-M it is a Gen 2 version? :ouch:

Is it the "G2" in the manufacter part number / product description? Example: SSDSA2MH080G2C1.

Is there any difference b/t the "C1" and "R5" models.

Or are all 34nm units Gen 2? I thought they went to 25nm? Or are all X25-M Gen 2?

And, is there any difference b/t the "black" or "silver" models?

Most retailer have the "G2" models, so this may not be an issue. :sarcastic:

For a future build, in a couple of weeks. I may wait until Gen 3 comes out later this year anyway. :D

BTW: looking to get an Intel X25-M 80GB this time. As I already have 2 x Intel X25-V 40GB in RAID 0. Next build will do without RAID... :kaola:
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  1. SSDSA2MH080G2C1 - The G2 is the important part. Not all x25-m are 34mn. The black ones are 50mn. 25mn isn't out yet.

    I also opted for no RAID... I prefer having TRIM.
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    ....C1 is a drive without the 2.5" adapter, ...R5 includes the 2.5" adapter.
  3. Thanks guys! Anybody when Gen 3 is to be out? Can't find where I read this summer.
  4. In the past they've been announced / introduced in the late summer / fall timeframe, so I'd expect the same thing again this year...
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    nSorry Anonymous, not ALL black drives are I've found.
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