DVD RW won't burn DVD+R

My DVD RW drive will not burn video on DVD+R discs. Any ideas? I have tried with more than on program with same results. Sometimes it won't recongnize the disc and other times it will start but will get stuck and eventually stop with some message indicating it could not write to disc. Please help.
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  1. Sounds like you are not using the right dvd discs. Use a dvd rw disc instead. You are only allowed to right onto a dvd r disc once.
  2. I have always tried a new disc. I just bought new DVD+R DL since that is what is listed on the front of my DVD burner. Not sure it will work. It has been trying to burn for about an hour now. Will see I guess
  3. The dual layer discs have a very slow burn speed.. But still, it should not take an hour.. May be problems with your dvd writer lens.. If you are using an old dvd writer, try to get the lens cleaned.. Better buy a new dvd writer since they are very cheap nowadays.. The sony optiarc drives are very good..
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