Looking for a good case

After searching for a while, I still haven't found a case that is really perfect for me, so I thought I'd post here for suggestions. This case (preferably) should have:

-Good cable management
-Dust filters
-Space to work (either with a removable motherboard tray, or full tower)
-Needs to fit an EVGA 780i, 9800 GTX+
-Preferably has a clean exterior (not too many lights, windows...)
-As cheap as possible =)

The cases I've looked at so far are the:
Antec 300
Antec 900
Antec 1200
Antec Performance One P180
Raidmax Smilodon

These cases have various problems, such as no cable management, no dust filters... The PSUs I'm looking at at are the Corsair 620HX or 650TX. Any new ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I think I've narrowed it down to the CM 690, 1000, and HAF, so specifics on those would be nice.
  2. Personaly i love Lian Li cases but they cost more then the average case, Just give those a look.



    As for the psu i would definetly go for the 620HX because it's moduler and is made by seasonic and the 650TX is made by a company that doesn't make as high quality psu's
  3. If i had to choose one of the cases you have listed I would go for the CM 1000 for sure.
  4. I own a CM-690 and i REALLY LOVE IT.

    Plenty of 120-140mm fan hole.

    HDD system is awesome, leave more space for cables and other + the bottom fan that throw air DIRECTLY to my 9800gtx+ intake.

    i just like it ... its up to you !
  5. I've heard that it (the 690) is somewhat flimsy in terms of design. What do you think about the quality of the front bezel, power button, etc?
  6. yeah ive read the same review ;) at my opinion its fine. button seems to be solid ... and the design is "sleeper" no BLINGBLING and thats what i wanted, plus LOTTA FANS. top finish is a bit hard to remove, you need to push inside lock to unlock it. front is removed ez.

    i wanted nice cooling for sorta low price, and thats what i have !
  7. In the end, I think that I'll go with a P182, even though it wasn't on my list. Wish me luck!
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