Can you play games in windows server 2003 r2?

Hi, I am trying to play games on windows server 2003 64 bit on my new built but I have problems running games on it. Whenever I start to run a game application it gives me the blue screen and shows that
nv4_mini is causing the problem. I have the latest windows update and graphics drivers. Any help would be appreciated

my system specs:

AMD phenom 9950 black edition 2.6 Ghz
Windows server 2003 64 bit r2 (with latest drivers)
EVGA 9800 GT
biostar motherboard 790
g.skill 2x2 GB RAM
320 GB western digital hardrive
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  1. It might be better for you to use Windows XP Pro x64. That is what I use for my system at home. The NV4_mini is from Nvidia's Chipset or your GPU Chipset. It might be wise to update your drivers. You might as well update your Bios for your motherboard. I've found that sometimes fixs problems like that. Because your Chipset and GPU might conflict somewhat.
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