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How can i force CCC to default brightness settings on any game?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 22, 2008 2:14:35 PM

Situation: My monitor is quite old, and it doesnt display all the brightness that it would normally. For some reason i couldnt install CCC (Catalyst Control Center), and it was a complete torture without it. Now i got CCC, installed it, and everything works fine.
Except for some games, which redefault 3D and Color (as well as brightness) settings to their own, and leave me in darkness. Which is quite annoying. :sweat: 

These games not always have a brightness slider, and if they do, a maximum is not always enough (dont freak out, people, its not really all pitch black, its just that its very hard to see something in darker places :p  )

Possible sollutions:

You could:

help me by teaching me how to disable 3rd party color adjustments from taking effect, leaving CCC only, to deal with them...

tell me how can i make the CCC to always be the default color adjustments driver...

tell me the name of another 3rd party color adjustment driver, which would always be the default one, and would let me set brightness levels, just like the primary one...

thanks a lot for any detailed answers!
January 17, 2009 8:36:43 PM

I would dearly love an answer to this too; I've just upgraded my PC and most 3d games are resetting my Gamma settings, even though I've selected for both Desktop and 3d... My old card was an Nvidia, and it applied the settings universally, and I'd like to do the same now too... so how do I do it with ATI please? :)