How to back up a RAID volume?

I'm looking for a way to backup RAID volume so that it can be restored on the same or other hard drive. I have RAID 0 volume using 2 hard drives with active Vista installed on it along with a lot of other files and user settings. I wonder if I can back up the entire thing and install it on another hard drive so that I can run the OS again from another hard drive.

Any ideas?
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  1. raid 0+1, or its called raid 10 on some mobo's. you use 3 hdds or more... 2 hdds are raid 0 and the other one (usually the same size as the raid 0 array) mirrors the raid 0 array.
  2. May be I wasn't clear enough. I'm not looking for a RAID configuration that ensures I will not loose data if it fails.
    What I'm looking for is a back up program that can back up RAID volumes. So that the data can be transferred on other hard drives or back to the same hard drive RAID configuration in case the drives get corrupted and repaired by formatting. Also I have an active operating system currently Vista but I will install Windows 7 soon, so the back up program should be capable of backing and restoring a bootable volume with active OS on it.
  3. Just buy a bigger external drive and backup by hand (copy/paste). Unless you prefer to work with an easy application instead, copying the files directly means you exactly know what you backupped and not.
  4. I can't copy like that the operating system don't I?
    Imagine the hard drives with your operating system fails. To make it work again like before you have to first install the OS again, then all programs one by one, use and copy back up files with user settings, one by one and this will take forever on a computer with a lot of programs. I have Norton ghost but it failed with backing up my raid volmes so I'm looking for something more capable in that respect.
  5. What i would do in your case is to get hdclone and copy the disk image of the raid volume onto another hd. If you do this directly from the os then you are copying the entire image and not just the half and half deal like i said before with raid 0+1. This way you have an entire hd that would work and not just 2 backup hd's that only work in a raid 0.
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