Trouble overclocking AMD II X4 630 cpu


I'm currently trying to overclock my cpu (AMD II X4 630). Right now it runs pretty stable at 3,5GHz and 1,6V, is that too much btw? Anyway, I've noticed that my RAM doesn't go any further than 1666MHz.

Can I lower the multiple of the RAM memory and continue to raise the frequency of the cpu without any problems? Or does the RAM memory have to be clocked at a certain level for the CPU to work properly?

So here's my question:

What can I do to clock my CPU even higher, to about 3,8GHz?

I have a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro so the temperature isn't an issue at the moment (29 C idle 40 C load).

How much do volt I need for clocking the CPU to 3,8GHz, and will there be an issue if i lower the RAM multiple to get that result?

I would really appriciate some answers. Thanks in advance!
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  1. 1.6 V sounds very high to me - prob too high for 24/7 - 1.55V might be max AMD rec. I can't remember - try and aim for this if possible:


    Lots of good OC articles and tips out there - here are some good uns
  2. 1.6 Vcore is too high, and I find 40C under load to be impossible with that voltage using an Artic Cooler 7.

    I'm running 3.5Ghz with 1.45V set in the BIOS, cpu-z reads 1.44V. To achieve my overclock I had to lower the northbridge, memory, and hypertransport multipliers or my system wouldn't be stable.
  3. +1 on voltage being too high.

    I am currently running 3.47 at 1.4v. I have also been stable at 3.6 at 1.45 and 3.72 at 1.5, but I really don't need that much performance so I am sticking with my 3.47 for now.
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