1200 works, 1800 doesnt????

hello everybody, here is the deal:

I connected my PC (see specs below) to my samsung LCD TV "LE32A656" with a VGA Cable. (my Graphic card: NVIDIA 6600GT). I set the resolution to 1920 to 1080. Everything works fine. no probs.

Than since the 6600 was already 2 years old and for some reason it went done. (it was already dying, and it gave it last breath) I had to take it out. And use some other graphic card.

Fortunately my Mother Board has an internal Intel Display Chipset Which can give good resolution
(Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express)

So I Took out the 6600, which activated the chipset. I Updated the internal display adapter with the latest drivers.

And again I used the VGA cable to connect the PC to the LCD TV.

But this time, when I try 1920 to 1080 resolution, it doesn't work.
But what is interesting is that when I set it to 1920 to 1200, it works quiet ok?!

I can't see why it won't display 1920 to 1080 resolution on the LCD while it can display 1920 to 1200 which is a higher resolution.

Than I tried to see if it displays 1920 to 1080 on the Pc Monitor: And yes it does.

So here is my question:

How is it that a chipset can display 1920 to 1200 resolution on a LCD, but not 1920 to 1080, even though we perfectly know that the 6600 GT was able to display 1920 to 1080, and 1920 to 1200 resolution on the same LCD?

any help and info would be appreciated.

thank you for your time.

PC specs:

Graphic Card: WinFast NVIDIA 6600GT Extreme
Processor: pentium 4 - 3GHZ

Samsung LCD Specs:

32 Inch
50 hz
15000:1 contrast
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  1. Maybe your mobo onboard video chipset doesn't support 1080p at 50 hz.

    It may require the right combination of resolution and refresh rates or just not work at all. Cheaper graphics solutions can tend to be less forgiving on supported settings.
  2. I just got an invdia 9500 gt graphic card. I tried to customize any settings possible. Still the same:

    1080p resolution works time to time but with incorrect dimensions (image scaled half of the tv, etc...)

    But 1200p works fine.

    I downloaded the latest driver of nvdia, my card definiteley supports 1080p, the latest drivers are soo updated that they let you choose between i or p,

    But still, 1080p not working properly.
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