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Hi guys, I recently installed a new hard drive, WD 640gb, as secondary storage and it has been running really slow. I'm running on win7 which is installed on my primary disk. I've noticed that when transferring files from my new hard disk, the transferring takes forever (eg. 2gb file takes around an hour to transfer to my primary disk). On the contrary, my primary disk works very well. I also read a couple of threads and tried a couple of tweaks about this issue but none yet has helped. So far, I've made sure of these settings:
1. both disks are on DMA, Ultra DMA Mode 5 (device manager>IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers>ATA channel 0 properties>advanced settings)
2. on BIOS under IDE settings, DMA is set to auto

Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Did you check if the disk was actually using DMA mode?

    Can you post a benchmark of the drive with HDTune?

  2. Still can't figure this out.

    Thanks for your replies
  3. replace the hdd cable
    update chipset drivers (perhaps remove them first for ide/raid/sata controllers etc)
    test your hdd's fully

    let us know how you go from there :)
  4. Those are some really weird scores. Check the 'health' tab and look for "UDMA_CRC_ERROR_COUNT" is the RAW_VALUE of this property zero or not? If not, you indeed have cabling errors.

    If it is zero, its probably something else. It is kind of weird to see extremely poor read performance throughout your drive, but writes being exactly what they should be.
  5. That looks like to me, and i am kinda just geussing, that the "laser" that does the reading is crapping out and the "laser"- (dr evil quotes) in the hd that is doing the writing is fine.
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