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I am trying to use two usb mice on my pc. I am having a few problems with the mice. My specs first;
I have a Dell monitor with usb ports and have the two mice plugged into them. They are both logitech corded laser mice. The model numbers are M-UV55A (left side of keyboard) and M-UR55A (right side of keyboard). I think they may not be equal in resolution but I have no actual specs or test to determine that.
I am using windows XP pro
I have a quad core cpu on an intel extreme motherboard so I think the hardware is good enough for this.

What I see is that the mouse on the right side of my keyboard OFTEN cannot highlight text to copy and OFTEN has problems resizing windows. The mouse on the left handles these tasks quite well. The mouse on the right moves much further with each move than the mouse on the left.

I have tried to use the logitech software to adjust the speed etc. but they still move different amounts. I need a way to adjust the speed etc of each mouse independently. Does anyone know how to do this? Anyone have a test that determines the mouse resolution?
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  1. Try to install Logitech drivers to one mouse and 3rd party drivers to the other. Or you could somehow install the same driver software to different times.
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