From what I've read here and elsewhere, I believe it.
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  1. Google OMEGA drivers.
  2. The problem is strictly with running two or more 4850's in Crossfire and ATi released a hotfix for it a few days back. I haven't had a single problem with the 8.12 drivers using two 4870's in Crossfire with Vista 64.
  3. swifty_morgan said:
    From what I've read here and elsewhere, I believe it.

    It's true. Mucho problems with 8.12. Cat 8.12 with 3870 x 2 CF with vista 64 and 8 gigs is an epic failure. I loaded the 8.12's on five different cards I own and the driver failed miserablly on two of them. What's with the ongoing crappy video driver situaton, Nvidia included. You pay good money for expensive equiptment and the software to run it is a throwback to Windows 95 compatibility issue days. Really, ATI and Nvidia need to address the problem with their inadequicies regarding the matter. Takes them almost two years to get a driver to work without major issue with Vista 64. And they are selling cards that cost in excess of $400-500. Just sayin', that's all. But I'll keep this in mind the next time I fork out the big bucks for a latest release from them.
  4. Not sure if my issue is related, but yesterday I tried (first time ever to fail) to install the new 8.12 and now CCC won't recognize that I have an ATI card. I haven't been able to install an older driver either. I'll probably try a system restore tonight.
  5. I had the 'no catalyst contrrol center' issue with 8.12 and my Radeon 1550. Yeah, it is the 8.12 causing the problem for sure HC. The remedy is well know across the boards. Just install the previous driver that worked properly until 9.1 and hope that driver address the issue with your card.

    Think about this. ATI's top of the line 4xxx series loads up a black screen when two of their cards in Crossfire attempt to load 8.12! Those 4850's cost $400 when they first came out. This is their 4xxx series!
  6. It's true for me - 8.11 works fine, but 8.12 turns my 4870x2 into a 4870. Oddly enough, this was not true for the beta. 8.12 beta worked fine, but occasionally froze, unlike 8.12 release, which completely breaks crossfire.
  7. holy CRAP! hairy cat is still around! :D long time no see...

    edit: spelling -.-
  8. Well known but add me to the list. Running 2 4850's. Tried 8.12 and got nothing but BSOD, first time its happened to me in Vista. Tried several different installations, uninstallations, registry sweeeper etc... Several hours later I luckily got the 8.10 drivers reinstalled and things are fine. Up until 8.12 I hadnt had any issues with ATI's drivers but they seemed to really drop the ball on this one.
  9. i have never had a problem with ati drivers, and think the people that do are the ones that, dont know where the windows start menu is
    but then, I dont run crossfire
  10. I haven't had any problems with my cards, but I have noticed drivers as a whole suck terribly lately. ATI drivers hate half their cards, including 2 4830s in Xfire. Nvidia drivers increase performance in the newest games but terribly decrease in the older ones! My cousin is addicted to Oblivion and his 2 8800 GTS 512mbs lag like hell playing Oblivion with the new drivers. Not to mention the new drivers blue screened my mother's GTX 260 all over the place. It really is a total mess.
  11. 8.12 if I disable crossfire to run off from one card my system freezes after about 5-10 minutes even if I do a reboot after disabling crossfire. PC runs fine if just one card or the other is in. When crossfire is enabled the pc runs fine as well. Think I might try older version of the catalyst driver and see what happens.

    X2 4870 (crossfire)
    gigabyte X48-DS5
    6gig DDR2 800
    E8400 @ 3.6ghz (prime stable 12+ hours 25-28C)
    Vista 64bit home premium
  12. I built a new system yesterday and I used the 8.12 driver for the Force 3D 4870 1Gb, the system kept hanging in certain games ( FarCry 2 and Gears of War ) requiring hard reset. Could this be a driver issue or what? Please help.

    Specs are:
    Intel E8400 cooled by ASUS Triton
    Gigabyte P45
    4 X 1 Gb Kingmax DDR3 1333
    Gigabyte Odin Pro PSU 800 Wt
    Force 3D 4870 1Gb
    2 X 250 Gb RAID0 WD Caviar Black
    2 X ASUS 20x DVD-RW
    Gigbyte Isolo case
    Catalyst 8.12-Vista 64
    No overclocking
  13. IH8U said:
    Google OMEGA drivers.

    They still do those????
  14. what about catalyst driver by DNA ??? Is it worth??
  15. Here is an update regarding the problems with Catalyst version 8.12, 3870 Crossfire and Vista 64.

    From review, the issue appears to be related to the latest Catalyst 8.12 as reported. Some related issues similar to the symptoms that you have described are already addressed by AMD Software Engineering. In the interim, revert or roll-back to Catalyst 8.11 or previous from or until the issue is resolved with future Catalyst 9.x releases.
    We have noted the issue and have requested high priority. However, we encourage you to report your issue to AMD Software Engineering through the Catalyst Crew Feedback Form. Please encourage others who have experienced the issue to do so as well.

    Please report your issue to AMD Software Engineering through the Catalyst Crew Feedback Form for further consideration.

    Catalyst Crew Feedback

    ATI strives to continually improve our drivers and software, and we invite you to tell us how.

    If you are experiencing a problem with our latest driver release, or if you have suggestions on how to make our drivers better, please take the time to submit your feedback.

    This program is intended to gather feedback for specific driver releases and not to solicit regular support inquiries. All support inquires will not be responded to.

    NOTE: If you have an issue that requires a technical response, please contact Customer Care.

    Continue to the Catalyst Crew Feedback submission pages.

    Thank you for choosing AMD!

    AMD Global Customer Care for ATI products
  16. Now if nVidia would admit that their 180.48 drivers are a total crapfest then we would be getting somewhere. Did I mention that Far Cry 2 performance decreased on my cousins SLI system? Oh and my 4870 X2 was chugging along fine with the 8.12 drivers until I lowered my OC to stock. No idea why downclocking to stock would cause problems, but oh well.
  17. nah man, ati excalibur drivers FTW! i got a disc with that on it...
  18. Any word on when a new CCC driver set will be coming out to fix this problem they have? Still not that happy with the older drivers. A bit quirky sometimes.
  19. i assume sometime this month... 8.10...8.11... 8.12.... 9.1...
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