Athlon II X2 240 & M4A9XTD EVO

I have had this computer for about a month now. I am new to overclocking. Whenever I try to oc I can't get past 230 bus freq with a ratio of 14. I have increased the cpu voltage from stock, 1.35, to 1.4 and that didn't change anything. 3.2 Ghz is fine but I have read about people able to get up to 3.4-3.5 on stock voltage. What should I change to increase my speed?

Options in bios

Ai overclock Tuner--------manual
CPU bus frequency ---230
PCIE frequency--------100

CPU ratio-------------------14.00x
cpu/nb frequency---------auto
cpu voltage----------------1.4
cpu/nb voltage------------auto
cpu vdda voltage---------auto

ht link speed--------------auto
ht link width---------------auto
ht voltage------------------auto

DRAM frequency-----------auto
DRAM voltage--------------auto

nb voltage------------------auto
nb 1.8V voltage------------auto
sb voltage-------------------auto

PCIE Spread spectrum----disabled

The temps at 3.2 are 45c with a room temp of 24c while gaming

My computer
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Don't focus on OC with the bus. Bear in mind that if you change the bus speed, this have relation with the HT link and RAM speed, so, if you change the bus frequency u are also changing the HT link and RAM speed.
  2. Bios and Turbo V both have CPU frequency, overdrive has HT. ref clock. What should i focus on then?
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    THIS is a guide to OC AMD locked processor like yours.
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