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Hi Guys,

I currently have a Dell Studio Slim desktop, with a HD3450 (256Mb) PCI-E card. However, this turns out to be practically useless for anything even remotely 3D. I'd quite like to play FSX at reasonably high res (I have a 23" screen running at 1920x1080).

Could you guys recommend a suitable replacement card for this for roughly £100 (or less!)? I've had a look at the charts and see the 8800GT/9600GT seem quite good? If so is there a specific manufacturer I should get? (I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to this I'm afraid!)

Other specs:

Quad core Q8200 processor
Vista 32-bit

Thanks in advance!

PS: Am I likely to invalidate my warranty by doing this?
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  1. PPS: Would the cards mentioned fit in my slim case, and would I need an extra power supply etc?
  2. The best low profile card (for slim case) I have heard of is a 9600GT
    FSX is more CPU oriented than GPU so over clocking your processor may yield more improvement than replacing the GPU.
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