Looking to upgrade XFX 8800GTX

I have 2 XFX 8800GTX in SLi atm, but want to get a more buffed card, would a 280 be a better performer then eventualyl SLi with the 280 cards? I am running the Corsair 1000W PSU so power isnt an issue atm.

Im not sure how to read the charts, so what would be better performers all around than the 8800GTX
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  1. Hmm according to that chart not much more I can do I guess...
  2. This XFX GX260NADBF GeForce GTX 260 Black Edition Core 216 seems like a good upgrade.


    Or wait for the GeForce GTX 295

  3. Do n`t leave yet.
    My input is just the start, I`m sure others have opinions, too. Keep reading:)
    Never listen exclusively to one voice in a Forum!
  4. 8800GTX sli is still up there with the top performers The only single card above them at the moment is HD4870X2 but GTX295 is about to be released.
  5. mmm is one 280 better than 2 8800gtx?
  6. To be honest with you- I recommend that you wait until the new Nvidia cards come out... or at least until May 2009... There really hasn't been that much advancement since the 8800gtx came out... just a lot of lowered prices. Sure, the GTX 260, 280, 4870X2 and 4870 beat the 8800GTX (4850 and 9800GTX+ might too, but by a tiny margin), but is it worth the extra money?

    The HD5000 series and GTX300 series may bring another revolution if we are lucky.... heck, maybe we will get lucky and see (by june 2009) a 55nm or 40nm card with double the shaders and whatnot as the GTX280 but then with a 384bit memory bus and GGDR5
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