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I have an EVGA X58 classified board and an Intel; i-7 CPU, and 6 sticks of Corsair dominator RAM (DDR3-1600 – Model CMD12GX3M6A1600C8) which comes with twin mini fans mounted on top of the RAM.

My question is: Is there enough clearance to install a Megahalem heatsink in push-pull mode? If yes, what fans will fit the Megahalem? Has anyone done this? My calculations show that there is a 1.0 mm interference near the RAM in such a setup. Maybe there is a way to do this without extensive machine shop modifications. I do not want to buy the parts and then try to see whether they will fit.

Your solution will be greatly appreciated.
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    The answer to your question is no.

    Anything that adds to the height of standard memory modules like those extra tall heatspreaders that sort of look like a comb and fans will interfere with the tall tower style cpu heatsinks like the Prolimatech Magahalem. The problem is usually the memory slot closest to the cpu socket.

    You don't need the extra tall memory heatspreaders or the memory fan. If you have a case with excellent ventilation, airflow and cooling, the memory temperatures will be okay, even if you overclock.
  2. Thank you JohnnyLucky - I had a feeling that this would be the case, but I asked the question anyhow. I will continue to keep looking for a thinner fan (less than 25mm) and maybe shave off some material in order to permit me to use a Megahalem along with my tall Corsair Dominator RAM.
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