How do I make sure that I've properly installed a RAID 1 array


I recently built a new computer and wanted to do it with a RAID 1 array (my last computer crashed with RAID 0 and I lost half of my data). My motherboard is a Gigabyte MA790FX-DS5 that has onboard RAID. I thought that I set everything up correctly during the installation using 2 identical 500GB hard drives. I then installed Windows XP Home, which I've been using for years on previous computers that I've built. It asked for 3rd party drivers so that it could see the hard drives, which I downloaded from the Gigabyte website and put on a floppy and everything seemed to install fine. However, once I had installed everything, Windows show 2 local disks: C: and I:. They both have a total size of 465GB, but the used size in them is different (22.3GB and 12.5GB, respectively). I expected with RAID 1 that I would only "see" one local disk, because everything was duplicated between the 2 physical hard drives. Also, both local disks have Windows directories and Program Files directories. Programs install by default to the I: disk. Programs seem to install and run fine until this week when I tried to install Windows Defender and Quicktime. Neither of these will complete installation and when I did some research it seems to be related to how the registry is set up. The registry refers to msiexec in the I: disk, but the rest of the registry seems to refer to files on the C: disk. Please help. I'm willing to start from scratch and reinstall everything if I need to so that I know that I have the protection of RAID 1. Also, I want to know why I can't install just these 2 programs when everything else seemed OK.

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  1. Your raid is not setup correctly if you can see two partitions of 465 GB when you boot into windows. To setup you raid you first have to set your RAID controlloer in your bios to RAID, then youneed to interrupt your boot at the RAID bios prompt and then setup your RAID 1 in the menu there, THEN you have to install windows. I am not sure about nVIDIA raid but you might have to re-install windows. If your RAID 1 is setup correctly then you will see just one drive available when you install windows. What you have is a little mess of your old windows install on C and your new one I:. As to why you cannot install those programs, I don't know.

    Good luck, I'm not an NVIDIA raid guy or I could do a better description of what you need to do. TAke a look at the manual or print a good walk through before you redo everything.
  2. Thanks. That's kind of what I thought. The thing is, these are both new blank drives. Windows has only been installed on one occasion. I did go through the RAID BIOS prompt before I started the installation. I'll reformat and try to install again with a walkthrough when I have a weekend off a couple of weeks from now and see if the same thing happens again.
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