Overclocking my intel dual E2180 cpu with 2Gb RAM


overclocking my intel dual E2180 cpu with 2Gb RAM
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  1. Go through this guide

    If any doubt/problem then feel free to discuss here :)

    Good Luck
  2. What kind of motherboard and RAM?
  3. besides jsc questions that must be answered we need the DRAM frequency which will give you the top of FSB
  4. These settings worked for me on a BIOSTAR G41-M7 with a CoolerMaster and 2GB of 667 DDR2 RAM, as you can see I work at 3.00GHz without any issues, the temperatures are below 60ºC for the micro and below 40ºC for the board

    FSB 333
    multiplier x9
    Vcore 1.3 (default)
    VFSB (+0.1V above default)
    VDRAM 1.9 V (+0.1V above default)
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