I have a pc with nforce 610i motherboard
q6600 processor
3gb of ram

I have a free PCI express x16 slot.
could someone tell me in plain English whats the difference between x2 and x16?
does all cards who work with pcie x2 work with x16?
Will 4870 work for me? Or should i better go with nvidia as it's a nvidia mobo?
ill buy a new psu as well:
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  1. anyone? :-/
  2. its the sheer level of bandwidth throughput that that particular slot is capable of.

    so in plain english, the x16 is eight times faster than the x2

    so just put them in the x16 slot and you can put in pretty much anything.
  3. thank you :)
  4. OP: Nice PSU, quality choice.
    Just to add to montyuk, a X2 slot is much smaller than a X16 and practically all PCI-E cards are designed to fit the larger X16 slot.
    Yes, a HD4870 will fit your MB slot but make sure it`ll fit your case, its 10.5" long!
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