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Hi all
I'm trying to sort out numerous issues on a friends machine *without* resorting to a re-install. Mainly to do with the whole family using it for many varied and different purposes, and with **loads** of software installed, which of course have created a number of conflicts - some of which I will no doubt discover even after I've got rid of the obvious ones!

This problem involves Windows Explorer & the search option. When looking for a file on the disk, instead of Windows going off & looking for files on the disk(s), Safari pops up using the search argument you entered & tries to locate it on the internet!

If anyone can point me in the direction of where the settings are stored (probably obscurely somewhere in the registry) with a few suggestions about correcting this, that would be terrific.
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  1. Safari Browser (I don't know why using it) is registered as the search app. to run.
    You will have to find it in registry and remove it, most likely Hkey_Current_User or Hkey_Current_Config. Always backup registry first. Make sure you only delete it where it references Search App.
    Personally I would uninstall and remove Safari altogether, no browser is faster than Seamonkey (new Netscape, still Mozilla) or offers better security.
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    Right click on start menu>properties>start menu tab>customize>advance>is the search box checked? (Have the upper, "Start Menu" selected, not "Classic Start Menu")

    Still no good?...

    start > run > cmd
    regsvr32 /i C:\Windows\Srchasst\srchui.dll
    regsvr32 /i urlmon
    regsvr32 jscript
    right-click windows/inf/srchasst.inf > install

    Still no joy?...


    Should look like Exactly like this:

  3. Hi all, many thanks for the suggestions & in particular the one from Tigsounds. Issue resolved itself having carried some uninstallation of unused software, so something had caused a conflict which was removed.
    Still carrying out further cleaning & then need to try & get the DVD drive going properly - I may be back!
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