Water cooling worth it?

Hey guys. Simple question but let me give ya specs first

Gigabyte p45-ud3p rev 1.1 mobo
E6850 intell C2D (3.00 ghz overclocked to 3.6)
GT260 vid card
8 GB mushkin ddr2 1333 mhz 5-5-5-15
2 kingston 128 GB SSD in raid 0 (boot)
2 seagate cudas (500 GB) (7200 game storage drives)
2X2TB WD greens (itunes storage on one and backup on the other)
Corsair 800d case
Corsair 1000W power supply
Corsair H50 cpu cooler

My question is currently with a 20% overclock my processors run at 45 degrees under full load using prime 95 for 3 hours. I get no thermal creep. Is it worth it to get a full water cooling setup at this juncture. I like the quietness of the install now (had an antec 900) and have no intentions of OCing any further the processor and no plans of OCing the vid card at all. I know the processor family has been OC'd to 4GHZ but using the easytune i cant get more than 3.6 and I am not sure how to tweak the voltage to get more. When using the 3.93 settings in Easy Tune the system is unstable so my goal isnt overclocking further (its lightning fast now in Win 7 ultimate) So other than cool looking factor and neon lights would I see additional benefits from a full water cooling setup?
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  1. No. Your temps are fine and your happy with the noise your PC makes? Then no reason to spend a minimum of $250 to watercool your CPU.

    Watercooling is not neon. Thats the fun added stuff. I'd don't disco my setup at all.
  2. :) yeah i know watercooling isnt neon. its the UV reactive tubing, the reactive liquid, the acrylic housings that would also glow from the Cold Cathode lighting or Florescent tubes, the UV reactive fans.. Basically like you said Disco setup... So other than bling bling factor Watercooling would not be a benefit. Yeah my PC is super quiet now in comparison to my old case or even my sony Viao laptop!!!. I can sleep at night and not have the impression that I am inside a jet liner.
  3. Higher clocks with water cooling is overrated. You don't get much better clocks than really high end air even though temps are considerably cooler.

    Any type of cooling is simply a medium to remove heat from your computer components and dump it in the room. If you like to overclock like crazy (totally been there before) and suffer the side effects of a really warm room. The efficient point of speed, heat, and power of any processor can be reached on air.

    Noise on the other hand water cooling really shines at. Even if you don't like overclocking that much you can really love the lack of noise. There is still some noise but nothing near aggressive air cooling. I also cool my graphics card which creates a lot of noise on load. With new power hungry cards like the 5970 and 480 water cooling for graphics cards is becomming really attractive.
  4. +++!!! to Rofl. he said it exactly.

    WC is LOTS more expensive once you run with massive CPUs and GPUs. In fact more than a few big rigs need a seaperate loop for the CPU and a fully seperate for the GPU.

    WC starts at $250 for a quality CPU rig, but $300 is where peeps usually end up not counting USA shipping costs.

    It's so much fun. Stupid expensive but lower temps at the lowest noise levels you can get.

  5. your temperature is more than fine, if 45C is all u get at full load, you can even over clock it a little more. i would not bother going water-cooling with your machine since it has no need of extream cooling.
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