Asus M2N61-AX

I need to know the specs on the Asus m2n-61 ax. Primarily, which AMD x2 cpus can be used on it. I can't find the info on Asus' site...thanks!
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  1. well it seems this is a motherboard from dell that asus manufactures.
    so if your computer is a dell what is the model number fo your computer?
  2. Its an Inspiron 531. What I need to know really is if I can use an AMD x2 4400 cpu with that mobo. The cpu that came with it is a 4000. Thanks
  3. Yes, I am using an Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Processor in the same system working flawlessly. I believe that this is the highest upgrade with full compatibility after a bios update from dell.
  4. Be sure to update the bios before you install the CPU!
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