Partition settings when you have multiple hard drives?

Question... I have 3 hard drives, c: (with system OS, Programs), and d: and e: used as data/storage drives. However, one of the storage drives has it's partition listed at "Primary" (perhaps because this was at some prior time used as a c: drive with OS, but now downsized and delegated as a data-storage drive) while the other is listed as "Logical".

Should only the C: drive with the OS be listed as a "Primary" drive? Just curious as to what is the appropriate or best practice.
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  1. "Primary" and "bootable" are two different concepts. An MBR hard drive that only has one partition will normally have that partition configured as one of the four "primary" partition slots supported by the MBR partition table.

    For example, my system has the OS on an SSD and two hard drives for data. The single partition on both hard drives is shown as "Primary" by Disk Manager even though these drives have never hosted an operating system.

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