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I've just installed my new system, but my 1TB Western Digital SATA-III hard disk is only recognised by Windows as having 130 GB at capacity. BIOS recognises the full capacity of 1TB.

I've installed all motherboard drivers and updated to XP SP3.

This is the first SATA drive i've installed, I installed Windows XP as I usually would with my previous hard disk, I don't know if there's a different way to go about things with a SATA drive. It's the only internal storage device planned for usage.

If anyone can point me in the right direction would be much appreciated :)

Motherboard: ASUS 890GX USB3/SATA3
Processor: AMD Phenom II x6
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  1. It sounds like you are using an old XP version. The first version of XP only recognized 130 GB. You should be able to find the rest of the space in your disk manager since you updated to SP3. You can use it as a second primary partition.

    For windows to recognize a large hard drive over 130 Gb I think it needed to be XP with SP2 CD.

    What version of XP did you start out with?
  2. you need to slipstream sp3 and your windows disk then reinstall windows with the new disk, or as emerald said you should be able to add a second partition now that you have sp3 installed
  3. You installed XP with an original-version Install disk that cannot make a Partition over 128 GB. Even though you later updated that OS to SP3 it did NOT change the size of the Partition already created to hold your C: drive. So, you can do as Emerald says - leave that Partition as it is, and use Windows Disk Management to Create and Format a new Partition in the Unallocated Space left over on your HDD unit. It will be fully usable as a second drive, but it will NOT be just added onto the end of your C: drive.

    Or, as 505090 says, you need to do a new Install of some OS later than the original XP, which CAN make a Partition over 128 GB. One way to do this is to use the Slipstream process to make yourself a new Win XP Install Disk, based on your existing licensed copy of the old Win XP. CAUTION: Check Microsoft's websites on this. My reading is that they recommend you Slipstream to make an Install Disk only up to SP2 and Install that. THEN you use the Microsoft Windows Update site to update that installation on your hard drive to SP3.
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