X1900 Crossfire question

I was wondering if it is possable to run duel monitors while in crossfire.

I recently just baught an LG LCD and it sucks for gaming. So id want to run it for movies and other programs.

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  1. Dual monitors can be run....... output are to be taken from one card only... leave the other card free.... Otherwise CF performance could not be delivered to both.....
  2. With the 1900 series cards no its not possible. The 1900's use the dongal cable connection for Crossfire which only gives you one connection for a monitor.

  3. It make sense..
  4. what if in Radeon X1900 CrossFire Edition....? I think CF edition utilises PCIE bus for CF........
  5. so it wouldnt work trying it in the other 2 open ports?

    dang that sucks
  6. With a set up as pictured the other ports wont give a signal at all, its strictly one output when in crossfire mode.

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