New 9550 Heat Issues (again Gasp!)

Ive read the many many threads, and yet the 9550 still has me perplexed. Atm in a cm690 with a arctic pro 7 I am looking at a tcase of 39-55 which seems decent for the air coolage. My perplexion lies within Realtemp (again! GASP!)... I know it is considered to not be the most accurate read, but in my case there is one glaring accuracy. Cores 1 and 2 always have a d degree temperature change... always... Core 1 idles at 38 Core 2 Idles at 46... The crappy part is I have this nice x48 Blackops board which is screaming for acceleration... but when the pedal is pushed (3.4ghz) Core 2 is hitting at 63 while the other 3 are right where I want them to be 55. I have reseated the heatsink twice due to having problems squeezing it in by the north-bridge, thinking that maybe this was to blame... Still no change exact same temps and always 8 degrees hotter on Core 2. Could this chip possibly be defective? Is intel just playing mind games? I only have a couple more days to RMA this thing, and I want a chip that can reach its full potential+... Any opinions, facts, or general statements will be greatly appreciated, and thanks much for your time.
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  1. i had the same cooler and it is NOT descent for a quadcore cpu. it didn't even do a very great job on an amd dualcore in my case, but it was better than the stock....

    get a scythe cooler or something in that range with a 120mm fan and you'll be fine. apply arctic silver in the RIGHT way (google) and take a cooler that has good heatpipes and copper base and doesn't use the nasty intel design clips.

    3,4ghz is no problem for that cpu but does need good cooling. since there is so much talk on the net about people getting 4ghz with today's cpu's, everybody seems to expect to get the same speed out of theirs wich, ofcourse, can not always be the case....

    for example: a lot of people got 3,6ghz on air with a B3 q6600 cpu. i had a very good gigabyte p35 board, a good fortron 700w psu and a scythe ninja cooler. never got it over 3,2ghz (stable) no matter what i tried. so i sold de B3 and got the ''much better'' G0 stepping....
    no change in temps,stability or speed. Now it's on my rampage formula on water and finally it is stable on 3,6ghz (on an intel p45 board it could not reach that stable on water!)

    so finally, after swapping board, mem,cpu en cooling, i reached my desired speed. damn, i wish i did stick with the first setup since the last 400mhz did cost an awful lot of money :lol:

    maybe it depends on what people call stable....... happy clocking!
  2. Thanks for the quick answer Major!
    Im still a bit worried about the constant 8 degree temp change, it just doesn't make sense. Idle right now is 38 39 47 41, and after a round of prime its at 55 54 63 55. I tried both methods of applying the artic silver, the grain of rice and the long narrow line, and get the same exact results with RealTemp every time. The reason I am really worried is its winter and about 65 f in my house, in the summer we only have a swamp cooler and our house easily gets up to 90-100f. I am afraid that by the time my house starts heating up Core 2 will follow suit and sink my build. Only 2 more days to rma, so answer quickly please!
    Thanks for your time,
  3. Whoops... Thanks for the quick answer Meljor!
    My eyes are going bad from all of this insecure forum searching....
  4. Was looking around at Cpu fans and found this one... it fits my cpu etc and the fan will point out the side vent (will have to take fan out) of my CM690 case. Any opinions on brand / model, thanks ahead of time.
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