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A previously deleted program tries to load when I run another Program

A program called 'virtual woman' tries to reload when I start a useful older program. 'virtual woman' is crap and I soon uninstall-ed it. Later, I noticed that when I start 'Calendar Magic', a useful and handy series of utilities concerned with time and distance, the startup is interrupted by 'VW' trying to re-install. I thought I completely eradicated 'VW' and indeed, the install fails when the necessary files cannot be found. Any ideas?
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  1. Go in My Computer and do a search with it and delete all that it's showing up.
  2. not helpful!
  3. There's nothing in the Windows/Program files with this name?
  4. do a registry cleanup?
  5. My apologies. How do I add a gif file to this? I have 2 gif files; one is a pic of Advanced System Care's deleter, which I used, showing nothing for Virtual Woman/ The other is MS Add/Remove Programs page which shows VW clearly, but allows me to do nothing with the entry. Damn, I hate Windows.
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  7. Problem solved.

    I ran Windows Uninstall: it showed that the program was, or had been, present, but gave no options to deal with it. The Uninstall Program that I used to get rid of it showed VW as gone.

    Then I cleaned my registry, of 23 items and the problem is now gone.

    I prefer to use non-windows products since I don't trust Gates. Or doors, or windows.

    I D/L'd mosox's recommended uninstaller, and will try it. Later, Thanks all for your help. Jim
  8. mosox's program Revo Uninstaller helped me to eradicate the ghost. Virtual Woman has been laid to rest. Thanks!
  9. It's always hard to get rid of some of 'em, virtual or not.
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