N900 overclocked from 600MHz to 1GHz

One of the forum participants Maemo (the software platform used in Nokia N900), hiding under the nickname Lehto, managed by modifying the operating system kernel to increase the frequency of the processor ARM Cortex A8 up to 1000 MHz (fixed effect). It is noted that the Nokia N900 stably clocked at 900 MHz.

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  1. Well, seems cool that you can even o/c smartphones but, a ~60% overclock must have a considerable impact on battery life and heat, and would the performance benefits be worth it?
  2. Well, I did some overclocking on my cellphone (The Nokia N-Gage, which is still alive today.) from 100 to 133Mhz and the performance for normal usage is negligible, but in specific applications like N-Gage games as well as emulators (Like Genesis, NES, etc) the performance difference is huge.
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