Cannot restore acer extensa 5235 to factory settings

I have reset my acer to factory settings. All was going well until finalising windows 7 and then it crashes.
Any advice please. Am now pulling my hair out.
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  1. did you restore it using dvds/cds or from the recovery partition?
  2. from the recovery partition....its my nnephews laptop and he didnt have a cd
  3. they dont give the dvds you are meant to make them yourself using the erecovery software

    try to start it in safe mode if it will let you by pressing f8 as it starts up--if that wont work you will probably have to do it again from the recovery partition
  4. Hi

    How do i get to the recovery partition as when i switch on the laptop says initialisating first time set up and goes through the motions until you get to the end and crashes

    Bit of a novice here i'm afraid but thanks for your help
  5. i believe you press alt + f10 when starting it

    though it should run the 1st time setup successfully really--only thing i didnt like with my acer was that the 1st time setup took ages instead of it having windows already installed from the factory--i believe mine didnt do the 1st time setup properly either--after about an hour and a half i just restarted it--but it did boot up ok

    once its up and running you can make recovery dvds--also usefull is you can make a dvd that just does the drivers and acer software--i put a ssd in mine and having all drivers available was really handy

    try it from the recovery partition and if it wont do it i would suggest contacting where you got it from if its brand new
  6. hi thanks for your help I will try this.
  7. Hi

    Thanks for your help. Apparently it was a fault with the computer. It was one of these free computers for children and there was a whole batch that had a bios problem. Fortunately my neighbours friend managed to fix it.
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