I want to put SSD for OS?what to do with all the games installed?

Hi , i have a normal harddisk and i bought SSD harddisk for the Operating system.. but my OS is now on the normal harddisk ..so what to do with all these game should I re install them or just leave them ...and they will work ok after making the ssd my my main harddisk ???
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  1. What model/size SSD?, What operating system?

    Your current HDD, is it partitioned into (1) operating system and programs and a seperate partition for all your Files/data. If so Look at the amount of HDD space required for Operating system and installed programs add min of 20% + some extra for new programs. If Your SSD meets this then install operating system and programs (including Games) to the SSD. If Not direct your Games install to use "D" on HDD.

    For Installation. If Current HDD is set to AHCI then I would remove HDD (can just disconnect Data cable) and connect SSD. Install operating system (I hope is win 7 as win 7 supports trim cmd). Run operating system updates and verify operating system is working. Shut down, reconnect HDD, power on and go into bios and set SSD as boot drive (currently you will have the SSD and the HDD as bootable.). Load your programs on SSD. Test. Once everyting is set up and working the way you want you can then delete the operating system from HDD. Up to this last step you can always boot into old operating system on HDD.

    Don't forget to back up all your Data files!
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