Very slow data transfer to RAID 1 NAS

Hi all,

I wonder if you guys could point in the right direction here.

I have recently purchased a ICY BOX NAS IB-NAS3221 and set it up in a RAID 1 configuration. Inside i have two 1.5tb disks one is a WD Green and the other a Seagate drive both only 5400RPM.

I know these are not extremely fast drives but i'm only reaching copy speeds of around 8-9mb/sec.

I have tried several ways of doing this, copying from different drives, using gigabyte connection and cross over cables but it seems no matter what i do i am only reaching a max of 8-9mb.

I noticed the RAM was only 128 from the specifications could this make a huge difference?

I’ve manually updated to the latest firmware so no issues there.

I'm really quite stuck here so any information will be helpful.

Thanking in advanced,

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  1. That is the speed I get copying over a 100mb connection. Can you check your network utilization percentage on your box to see if you are running gigabit. If you see 90-100% util then you are not. I'm not sure how much you can dig around inside that ICY BOX to see what is going on there.

    Best of Luck
  2. Thanks Goobaah, turns out i was only using 100mb connection however is that still not a little slow for my NAS?
  3. No, you are maxing out your network connection. I get the same thing with my router limiting my connection to 100mb.
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