Installed a new CPU and having application crashes(is it possible?!)

Hello there experts,

I bought an Pentium D 965 in a computer store last week (for a funny price) to speed up my computer. I installed it without any problem and I fired up the computer. Problem is that when I get into windows, I get random process crashes over time(applications aswell) and the cpu fails the Prime95,Orthos stress test but has no problem with Everest Stress Test.

So the first thing that I tought of was RAM that was starting to malfunction. So I ran memtest for about 6 hours and it reported 0 problems.
Second thing was the BIOS, maybe the version I had had a problem with this cpu. Update it to 0607 (I think) while what was needed to run the cpu was 0108 which was the bios at first day release.

I did a lot research over the internet and did not found anything that pointed out the CPU.

Futhermore, when I boot the computer up, I get sometimes the error: Error CPU core to bus ratio or VID configuration has failed.

I have played with the CPU Voltage (went to 1.45v max), FSB, Multiplier (its unlocked because its an EE) and the problem persisted.

This is my hardware:
Asus rampage formula
Mushkin XP 4 GB pc2-8500
9600GT (slighlty OC)
Zalman 850W PSU
p182 Case
Auzentech Prelude
Pentium D 965
Arctic Freezer Pro

CPU:Around 45ish on load
CPUOn load with 1.4375 and 4.5ghz 54ish (I checked everest,speedfan,Asus OC software(?) and it was 42 during BIOS).

What I was using before was a pentium 4 661 (3.6ghz) oc to 4.8ghz (=D) (Cedar mill + D0 stepping = 65W Consumption)

So I really don't know what to do to pinpoint the problem.

I would be extremaly grateful for any help provided.
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  1. Is is brand new? Is it stable when not overclocked?
  2. It was used. As for being stable at stock, I cannot remember (I played with it for over 6 hours ) : (, but, I realised that when I ran Prime95, the 4 worker threads started as normal but the main was stuck at: Starting thread.

    Also the crashes are not blue screens or lockups, they are mainly "Stop responding"

    Anyhow, ill tell you when I get back home.
  3. Erm... Is that OC on the CPU correct ?? 4.5 ghz ? The Pentium D series chips were know for hot running - So I would look at temps first as the readings you have seem to be low for such a high overclock.

    My guess would be that the overclock you are aiming for is too high for the CPU you have bought - If indeed 4.5 ghz is correct it makes me wonder what you use the PC for to run so high
  4. They do seem low, I agree. I agree even more that something is not right. Even though the stepping is a c1, its still and EE chip and should way hotter. But then again, I used 3 programs to look at the temperature and BIOS (Hell I even put my hand on the heatsking and it was warm but not hot.

    Unless you have any other idea how I could measure the temperature, I have no choice but on relying on what all the programs are telling me (even though they do seem false).

    Mainly Gaming, GTA4 is a cpu hog. Furthremore, I like to maximse the power of the cpu.
  5. Maximizing CPU performance to the point where the system isn't stable doesn't make much sense. If you need that much CPU power, get a fast Core 2 or Quad.
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