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Installed a new CPU and having application crashes(is it possible?!)

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February 22, 2009 12:15:56 PM

Hello there experts,

I bought an Pentium D 965 in a computer store last week (for a funny price) to speed up my computer. I installed it without any problem and I fired up the computer. Problem is that when I get into windows, I get random process crashes over time(applications aswell) and the cpu fails the Prime95,Orthos stress test but has no problem with Everest Stress Test.

So the first thing that I tought of was RAM that was starting to malfunction. So I ran memtest for about 6 hours and it reported 0 problems.
Second thing was the BIOS, maybe the version I had had a problem with this cpu. Update it to 0607 (I think) while what was needed to run the cpu was 0108 which was the bios at first day release.

I did a lot research over the internet and did not found anything that pointed out the CPU.

Futhermore, when I boot the computer up, I get sometimes the error: Error CPU core to bus ratio or VID configuration has failed.

I have played with the CPU Voltage (went to 1.45v max), FSB, Multiplier (its unlocked because its an EE) and the problem persisted.

This is my hardware:
Asus rampage formula
Mushkin XP 4 GB pc2-8500
9600GT (slighlty OC)
Zalman 850W PSU
p182 Case
Auzentech Prelude
Pentium D 965
Arctic Freezer Pro

CPU:Around 45ish on load
CPUOn load with 1.4375 and 4.5ghz 54ish (I checked everest,speedfan,Asus OC software(?) and it was 42 during BIOS).

What I was using before was a pentium 4 661 (3.6ghz) oc to 4.8ghz (=D) (Cedar mill + D0 stepping = 65W Consumption)

So I really don't know what to do to pinpoint the problem.

I would be extremaly grateful for any help provided.

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a c 117 à CPUs
February 22, 2009 3:39:23 PM

Is is brand new? Is it stable when not overclocked?
February 22, 2009 3:59:34 PM

It was used. As for being stable at stock, I cannot remember (I played with it for over 6 hours ) : (, but, I realised that when I ran Prime95, the 4 worker threads started as normal but the main was stuck at: Starting thread.

Also the crashes are not blue screens or lockups, they are mainly "Stop responding"

Anyhow, ill tell you when I get back home.
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a b à CPUs
February 22, 2009 5:55:34 PM

Erm... Is that OC on the CPU correct ?? 4.5 ghz ? The Pentium D series chips were know for hot running - So I would look at temps first as the readings you have seem to be low for such a high overclock.

My guess would be that the overclock you are aiming for is too high for the CPU you have bought - If indeed 4.5 ghz is correct it makes me wonder what you use the PC for to run so high
February 22, 2009 6:25:39 PM

They do seem low, I agree. I agree even more that something is not right. Even though the stepping is a c1, its still and EE chip and should way hotter. But then again, I used 3 programs to look at the temperature and BIOS (Hell I even put my hand on the heatsking and it was warm but not hot.

Unless you have any other idea how I could measure the temperature, I have no choice but on relying on what all the programs are telling me (even though they do seem false).

Mainly Gaming, GTA4 is a cpu hog. Furthremore, I like to maximse the power of the cpu.

a c 117 à CPUs
February 22, 2009 7:24:25 PM

Maximizing CPU performance to the point where the system isn't stable doesn't make much sense. If you need that much CPU power, get a fast Core 2 or Quad.