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Help I can't see my display any more. I reset my display to an unsupported setting in windows and it did not auto reconfigure, now I can't see anything. I'm typing this from another computer my email is

Please Help Me!
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  1. Start your computer and poke (not hold) the F8 key about every second while it is starting.

    Eventually you will get a boot options screen. Use the keyboard cursor keys to select "Start Windows in Safe Mode" and then press the Enter key.

    The next screen will ask what you want to start in safe mode, select Windows XP (might say Windows Xp Professional - Fast detect, or something similar).

    Lots of things will scroll across the screen while it is starting and eventually you will be looking at a box that offers to perform a System Restore Point Rollback, or, keep loading Windows in Safe Mode. Choose to continue into safe mode.

    When the desktop appears, right-click an open area of the desktop and select Properties.
    Click the Settings tab.

    Move the slider to something your monitor can handle, like 1024x768 or 800x600 and click Ok.

    Restart computer.

    After it restarts, go back to properties and move slider to a setting that is not beyond the capability of your monitor.
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