Is using a 6.0gbs sata cable on a 3.0gbs HDD good/bad?

I'm hooking up my new computer and I have a 3.0gbs HDD but the motherboard came with some 6.0gbs sata cables in addition to the 3.0gbs ones. Is there any reason to use or not use the 6.0gbs sata cable? From what I can tell from searching, HDDs don't even get close to their max transfer rate but I'm nonetheless curious if maybe the 6.0gbs cables might be better quality than the 3.0gbs ones. Or would using the 6.0 gps cable actually harm the 3.0gbs HDD?
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  1. It wont do anything. You sir are fine.
  2. Nope, no problems using the 6.0gbs cables, they'll behave exactly the same as if you used 3.0gbs cables.
  3. That's peculiar...this article seems to point to the contrary:,7915.html
  4. 3g cables will slow 6g down.
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