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Hi Guys

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Whenever I run 3dmark Vantage with OC'ed GPU(GTX275) and stock speed proccy so my score increases but when I run 3D Mark 06 with oc'ed GPU and stock speed proccy, my score comes way less near about 6k-7k less. But this is not happening with 3D Mark Vantage. what's the problem???

The Specs of RIG is in my SIG.

Thank you all in advance. :)
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  1. Those are different benchmarks so scores will be different.
  2. hundredislandsboy said:
    Those are different benchmarks so scores will be different.

    That and Vantage is biased toward Nvidia GPUs so running the GPU OC'd will effect the CPU score -- the CPU test #2 will use the GPU to process the physics instead of testing the CPU so having an OC'd Nvidia GPU will distort the results where 06 will actually test the CPU so the CPU test results will not vary by OCing just the GPU !!
  3. I look it as Vantage gives a truer picture of your gpu gaming horsepower.
    I also can achieve a VERY high score in 06, by o/c both my cpu/gpu. In games , sure the gpu o/c helps fps, but after a certain point the cpu o/c does nothing.
    In 06 I can get 18000 with a ATI 4770 o/c + i5 750 4.00ghz
    In Vantage I get 10000 same settings, if I lower my cpu o/c- my score does not go down much, bun in 06 it does.
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