Don't buy Freezer pro rev2 for AMD CPUs!

It says it's compatibale but it's truly is not. The copper base is like 25 % smaller than my Athelon 620 CPU size. Causes CPU to run very instable due to some cores not getting probably cooler. temperature reads under load is around 58, which is to me low. but I can't overclock anything without unstability. Reset everything to default in bios, CPU ran at default 2.6ghz, Blue screen after 2 minutes of prime 95 which is very bizzare. Switch back to AMD stock cooler, prime stable even at 3.5 ghz. Switch to my old system's OCZ vanquisher, I compared the copper base size, vanquisher is like 20 % larger, Put it on again prime 95 stable at 3.5, temperature max load is 72, but perfectly stable, no blue screen, no restarts. So i just want to share this to people, make sure when buying a cooler, check if the copper base is large enough to cover at least 85 % of CPU surface.
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  1. I have the freezer rwv2 on my phenom II X2 and it works just fine.
    Maybe the problem is elsewhere in your sytem, so stop blaming the cooler :fou:
  2. Pics or it ain't the truth!
  3. maybe a stupid question.. but did you mount te AMD brackets delivered with the package?
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