Reboot loop on my sata hdd when trying to enter windows


I am hoping you can help me, since my problem is driving me insane. Lets start with the specs of my new pc.

Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
Nvidia 9800 GT
Intel i5
Ripjaws DDR3-1600 PC3-12800
Samsung spinpoint f3 500 gb sata

Tell me if you need more hardware info and ill try to comply.

The problem is that I cannot install windows 7 or xp on my sata hdd. The old ide hd still works and when i use that i can enter windows, it is just the new one that refuses to coorporate and keeps making the system reboot before I enter windows, when I am seeing the windows logo waiting screen (this leads me to think it might be a driver issue and the windows repair even mentions something about this in a rapport, it just cannot do anything about it).

The strange thing is that I took the hdd up to my friend, where he was able to install windows 7 on it. Then I took it home and it worked fine for the evening, I install a few necessary programs and gamed some sc2. But the next morning the pc started doing the exact same thing.

So if it really is a driver problem, how do I fix it? And if it is not, what can I do ?
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  1. first you have to figure out if it's the drive or the MB:
    try another drive and see if it works for longer than a day
    let your friend run the drive and see if it works longer than a day for him

    if it's the drive replace it
    if it's the mb you can reset the bios, try a different sata port, try a different cable, and as a last resort reflash the bios
  2. Well, it is working now since I stopped automatic updates for windows. But I still have no clue what caused the error first time around.

    But thanks for trying to help 505090, I appreciate it.
    I will come again, if the problem arrives again :)
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