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I have 4 of my hard drives in an extended partition using windows 7. What happens if one of the drives go bad? will I lose all of my data? Can I "un-extend" partition them without losing data? What if I take the 4 drives out and put them into another computer, what will happen? and finally what are the pros/cons between RAID1, RAID5 and the extended partition? Lots of questions but hopefully someone has a straight answer. Thank You.
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  1. is there a reason you used extended partitions instead of just doing a primary partition on each drive

    then you lose the data on the defective drive, always backup your data before messing with partitions but yes they can be changed, then they will be four drives in another computer just like they are now

    raid 0 is for performance, raid 1 is for fault tolerance, 5 is one of several options that combine performance and fault tolerance
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