Added HDD now IDE drives won't detect..

Hi all,
I just rebuilt one of my rigs and found that the only HDDs I had laying around were 7GB and 14GB. I installed the 7GB HDD and put XP on it. Once I got around to putting an antivirus, updates, etc. on it I had just about filled it. I then realized I had the 14GB HDD in another computer that I wasn't using. It already had XP on it but I had planned on just deleting the partition and reformatting it. I just installed the 2nd HDD, and now when I boot it goes through POST and gets stuck at detecting ide drives.

I have the jumper set on the primary (7GB) hard drive to : [:] : :
And the jumper for the secondary (14 GB) hard drive set to : : : :

As far as system specs, I am not completely sure. I built it in 2004 as a decent gaming rig. Here's what I remember:

PSU: ??? 550W
Mobo: Gigabyte (Not sure what model #)
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+
GPU: Nvidia FX 5500
RAM: 1GB (2x512) Corsair (PC2700 I think)

If you guys need any other details just let me know! I can't figure this thing out for the life of me. The only things I can think of that could be wrong are maybe the jumper settings, a bad IDE cable, or that the second HDD might need to be cleared so that it won't interfere. (Not sure if having a MBR on both HDDs would mess things up)
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  1. I would go into BIOS and make sure that the one you want is set as the boot drive.
  2. "I just rebuilt one of my rigs". "As far as system specs, I am not completely sure. I built it in 2004 as a decent gaming rig. Here's what I remember: ". I remember that I don't remember any 7 or 14 GB drives ever being sold. If you JUST rebuilt the computer, didn't you glance at the MODEL of the motherboard... can't you just use a flashlight and look at the motherboard? Remove the secondary drive, set the BIG 7 drive as it was when it worked and move on...
  3. Showing the pic of the jumper settings isn't the info we need - you need to look at the label on the HD, or google the manual for it. The one you want to boot from (c drive) should be set as "master" and the other one as "slave" if they are connected to the same IDE cable/port on your motherboard. Having no jumpers on the 2nd drive, I've seen that more often for "master" or single drive, not slave.
  4. So it was definately the jumper settings. I had a hard drive mounted akwardly so I set the jumper wrong. Woopsies.. Anyway, I have moved on to a secondary problem.

    The whole reason I added the 2nd hard drive is because C:\ was running low and I was getting warnings from XP. I still get those warnings I'm guessing because there are a lot of folders on C:\ that hold temporary files which I'm guessing expand the folder size pretty quickly, or some kind of cash that doesn't flush very regularly. Regardless, is there a way I can use a "storage pool" method and add to C:\ with my 2nd hard drive? Or would I have to move some of the previously mentioned folders to my F:\ drive? And if so what folders must I migrate?

    On a side note, would it be frowned upon to repost this as my current problem isn't reflected in the title?
  5. I'll answer the last one first. I don't think that it would be a problem, at least if it didn't look like you were fishing for points. You would get more new looks, but none of the people who started helping you would get notified.

    Now, as to the others. I don't think that IDE supports the kind of disk merging you are talking about (google and prove me wrong). It is possible in sata with jbod raid mode. How to clear up space now? Are there just programs on it now? Well, then you will probably have to un-install them and re-install them on the new drive. I would either start clean with a re-install of windows or remove all programs, make a folder on the second drive titled something like Program_Files_2 and them when you install a program select 'custom' or 'advanced' setup or whatever and tell it to install to this folder.
  6. Try moving your swap file to F, that could free up a few hundred MB. Set the recycle bin size to maybe 1% of your HD, default is a bit higher. Reduce the size of your internet browser cache. Look in c:\temp for file you can delete.

    Install "windirstat" (google it) and this will show you what is taking up HD space.
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