Buying watercooling for my i7

Hey guys,

actually I just wanted your opinion and advices ^^

I was about to get these:

1x MCP655
1x Apogee XT
1x Swiftech Micro Res
1x MCR320 QP
3x Noctua NF-P12-1300 (for rad)
Distilled Water
Pet shop aquarium biocide <_<
Feser one UV tubing 1/2''

I have an i7 D0 with amb. temp. of 21 usually.
My hopes are that I'll be able to achieve at least 4.3ghz~4.4ghz under 70 at full load

Do you think I'll be able to achieve that with this configuration?
Also, is getting a better rad really worth it? or multiple rad... just how much change in temp will that make?
I don't plan making multiple loops for vcard and such...

Thank you =)
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  1. OH, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    Someone posted a thread about water cooling and they aren't talking about the little H50 all-in-one kit. :D

    It will depend on how well your i7 OC's but you should be able to reach your goal. The MCR320 should treat you well.
  2. sweet ^^ and have any idea what would be the temp improvement if I paid the 50 add for a RX360 or the 100 more for a feser? @_@ lawl :3
  3. I'll wait for Conumdrum or some of the others on here that have used just about every block/rad/pump known to man to chime in, they are the real WC experts and I'm sure can answer any question you have, GL with the system.
  4. thanks RJR =)
  5. Honestly...if you're looking for a great rad solution that is relatively cheap...go with the double heater core from danger den. Heatercores are very very efficient at removing heat from water since they are designed for cars. You can buy them at auto stores for around $20, but then you have to sweat the barbs on yourself. You can buy DD's double heater core with the barbs already welded with a fan shroud for around 45 bucks. The only reason its so cheap is because it doesn't look as pretty as these freshly painted, skinny, shiny black $140 rads. With my rad mounted in the top of my corsair obsidian 800d, you cant see it unless I take the panel off anyway. If your really that concerned with aesthetics, buy some high temp paint and paint it to match your rig.

    I am currently using your same setup...MCP6555 with Apogee XT but I'm using the heatercore and I have prime95'd and intelburntested my computer with success at 4.2ghz with idle temps around 30-35 and load around 60-65. Read up on heater cores they are worth it, just make sure you buy 120x38mm fans to pull the heat thru the thick rad.
  6. thanks for the reply sam, I've been wondering too, why 38mm depth? if the fan has 70+ CFM without being 38mm thats no good? o.o

    EDIT: nvm, found the answer, static pressure D=

    Now last remaining question would be: what's the difference of temp between DD heatercore and the MCR320? I'm asking because I kinda care about the look of it. @_@ Modding and painting it might not be worth the time to me even if it's cheaper, unless it has significant performance raise, haha. =P
  7. Well to be honest, I have never used anything but heatercores so I'm the wrong person to ask. I can't see it making that much of a difference tho, my heater core rocks. Other factors like ambient temp, TIM w/ solid cpu+block contact, and flow rate would be performance busters. Ask someone who has the MCR320 and see what their rig is setup like. Honestly tho, painting the heater core is not that big of a deal. The 500 degree paint is like 8 bucks and the paintable surface area on the heater core is probably 12 square inches. It would take 5 minutes to paint and a half hour to dry. But obviously, its up to you.
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