Returning a disk that was used with Raid 0 back to normal disk?

So i upgraded my Raid 0 array to a single SSD. Needless to say its one of the best upgrades I've purchased for my computers. Now I'm stuck with two 500gb HDD's stuck in Raid 0, and I've stuck one of them into an external bay, hoping to use it as a backup. Unfortunately, the drive is still in raid 0, seeing as when i plug it in, disk management says its at 1TB of storage space, and i can't access it, nor can i reformat it. How do i go about removing the Raid 0 function from the HDD to use it as a simple drive instead?
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    You should be able to use Disk Manager to first remove all existing partitions, then create a new volume and format it.
  2. Is it necessary to go into BIOS and tell the controller to not do RAID on those drives anymore?

    I've noticed that some SATA ports on my motherboard use a RAID-capable controller and some do not. Maybe connect the drive to a non-RAID controller port and then do the remove partition/new volume thing.
  3. Sminlal's response did it for me. i just deleted the partition, re partitioned it, and re formatted it and everything is a ok now. thanks for your help :)
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