Are SSI EEB 3.61 and EATX Interchangable?

I can't find a straight answer for this anywhere on the internet. If I buy a SSI EEB 3.61 board (specifically the Asus Z8NR-D12 dual Xeon Nehalem), will this fit in an EATX case? Will it work correctly with a desktop power supply?

Thanks for your help, I've been looking at this a lot lately, and can't find a clearly explained answer.

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  1. I'll be grateful to anyone who can shed more light on this as well.

  2. I just finished building a system with the Asus Z8NR-D12. Heres some MAJOR things to keep in mind with this mobo and the new Xeons:

    - SSI EEB will fit in a EATX case. Its dimensions are exactly the same 12x13. However the screw holes wouldnt line up, 3 to be exact. The corners line up and some intermediate ones do, and that might seem like enough, the mobo is held tight and safe... until you want to install ram or the cpu fans. Those missing screw hold around that area and you might end up bending it, so be careful. I recommend drill your own holes, I'm using a workaround, little holders to keep it up but its not secure in on the tray, but I'm definitely looking to get a new case.

    - Asus already comes with a backplate for the CPU, integrated into the board, do NOT get Corei7 fans and expect them to work (some will but you have to throw away the . Get the Intel CPU Fan designed for this chip. You'll save yourself a lot of headache.

    - Finally the power supply!!! This was a headache! you need a power supply with a 24pin (ATX main power) and x2 8pin (EPS12v sever power) motherboard connectors. Most dont have this, I've looked. Dont be fooled by EPS certification that only means they have 1 8pin connecter and probably a 4 pin. Coupla of solutions, if your personally attached to your powersupply get a molex to 8pin adapter, make sure its not PCI-e 8pin but mobo 8pin. You run the risk of mixing voltages with this. Other solution is get the right power supply, so far I've only 2: Corsair HX1000 and PC Power and Cooling 860w.

    Other things to keep in mind with this motherboard is:
    - no audio (has PCI-E x1 thats ONLY for sound but cant find the special Asus MIO card thats suppose to work with it)
    - the D12 has not PCIx slots, D12x does. Go with D12x if you plan to install firewire card,
    - no firewire
    - 2 USB ports in back but has connection for front panel USB
    - latest manual is on the internet, the one boxed is missing a couple of pages
    - cool it well and the cheap E5520 2.24 can ramp up to 3... thats just amazing.

    This is a server board not a entertainment board. I'm using mine for VFX and animation and I think its a great workstation mobo, but for gaming and entertainment your better off with something else.
  3. can it take the standard desktop ddr3 memory, or does it require special memory (buffered, ecc, whatever)?
  4. i know this is a Necro, but i feel this is mighty necessary to add, i'm actually more confused than ever now, since... none of the motherboards now-a-days actually follow the standard form factors anymore...

    The I/O panel is at the top right.
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