New Rig...Temperature Question

Ok. I recently upgraded to water cooling and wanted to know if these temps were ok.

My rig:

Asus p6T
Intel Core i7 920 @ 4.02ghz
6 gig corsair dominator Ram
eVGA Geforce GTX 295
800w Antec PSU
1tb WD hd

Water Cool:
T-line (my typhoon iii res cracked and leaked after 12 hours of use :( ...stay away from primochill!!)
Swiftech MCP655
Swiftech Apogee XT
1/4" barbs with 7/16" tygon
Double Heater Core w/ 2 120x38mm Ultra KAZE fans

Current Temps with IntelBurnTest 2.4

Idle - 33-35 celcius (varies from core to core)
Load - 60-67 (again...varied from core to core)

My question is based on these specs with my current config...are these temps reasonable? good? bad? average?

Please let me know. Thanks guys!
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  1. Pretty good temps.
  2. Hello :hello:

    Perfect temps considering the OC, congrats! :D
  3. if those temps are with the 4ghz then those are darn good temps
  4. Generally LGA1366 i7 chips are very very hot, but your i7's temps are just amazing even compared to LGA1156 i5-750.

    It seems that you are a lucky bastard who got one of the best chips out there!
  5. haha well thank you andy. Coming from a veteran that makes me extremely confident in my build! water cooling is awesome I'm never going back to air!!! ::bounce::
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